The Games we played with the Mannya kids

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Hi guys how are you all?
Today we have another post from Mannya and it is about the games we played in Mannya, so here is Lachlan to tell us more.

While in Mannya we took time to teach the children there AFL, while also playing games they know all too well like soccer and netball. We ran workshop sessions with the children, focusing on different skills and drills used to train in Australia. Our group also took one afternoon to play a game of soccer against the staff of Cotton On in Mannya. While our team won the match 2-1, we were given some leeway by the Cotton On staff, with our several goalies including Father Nestus helping us secure a victory.

Here is a short video for you to watch

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Help building a house in Mannya

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Hi how are you all?

Today we take  another step in Lachlan’s trip to Mannya, so now it is over to Lachlan.

Hi guys I’m Lachlan and today I am talking about when we helped to build a house .

We arrived at the site of the house around 10am, outside a small village near Mannya. The old lady that lived there with her grandchildren greeted us, while a large group from Mannya’s St. Bernard’s Secondary and Vocational School were already busy at work preparing. While we were told the morning was originally to be spent adding a room to the small house, at some point in Lugandan the decision was made to tear down the house and start again. Within 45 minutes mud, rocks, reeds and wooden poles were torn down, preparing the site for a new house. While much of the initial work was completed by locals and Mannyan students, before we left we were able to help begin putting mud onto one of the front walls of the new house. The boys from the St Joseph’s group returned the next week to help finish off the house packing remaining rocks into the walls and then covering all of them with mud to help finish the old lady’s house off. Without the generous help and work of the local people in Mannya the house building project wouldn’t have been possible, acting as a testament to the selflessness of many in the local community there.

Here is a short video for you guys.

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The welcomes we had

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Hi how are you all?

So today we take  another step in Lachlans trip to Mannya,so now it is over to Lachlan.

Hi guys I’m Lachlan and today I am talking about all the welcomes we had.

When we first arrived in Mannya we were greeted by the Secondary School’s school band, which lead us up the hill to the priest’s compound where we would stay. Once there we were greeted further by children from the kindergarten and primary school as well, singing songs about being, “happy to receive you”. Throughout our time in Mannya and Uganda we were also greeted at many other gatherings with song, dance and warm words, which tried to honor us and our presence at different events.

Here is a short video for you to watch

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Watch at for another guest post from Lachlan in the next few days on ‘Help building a house in Mannya

Lachlan’s trip to Mannya

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Hi guys how are you all?

Today we have our very first guest post, and it is my brother, Lachlan. Today he is talking about his trip to Mannya, so it is now over to you Lachlan.

Hi Guys how are you?

Recently I got to go Africa. I went to Mannya, a small village in Uganda, and I am going to tell you about my trip.

From the 29th of November until the 16th of December I travelled as a part of a group of students from St. Joseph’s and Clonard Colleges, Geelong, to the village of Mannya in southern Uganda, Africa. We were welcomed by the community; with the school band which SJC sponsored marching us up to Father Nestus’ home for further welcoming by the local schools. While in Mannya we worked with the children from the kindergarten and Primary School, playing and learning Australian songs and nursery rhymes. We also spent a lot of time at the High School, St. Bernard’s, completing English and Math classes, as well as African music classes. If my experience in Mannya taught me anything, it is that no matter if we live in Geelong, Australia or Mannya, Uganda, we share similar dreams and hopes for our lives. The work that the Cotton On Foundation and others do in Mannya is vital to ensuring that children in Mannya are able to continue to imagine a brighter future for themselves.

Here is a short video for you to watch

The trip to Mannya on PhotoPeach

Watch at for another guest post from Lachlan in the next few days on ‘The welcomes we had in Mannya’.

What’s the Meaning

How are you all?

When you see words that have meanings, what are the meanings doing, do they have personality, are they exciting or are they just boring?


So what is scary?

Is it something that makes you go ‘boo’ or is it something that makes you want to say, “What a lovely day it is today?” So what’s the meaning because we can use these words in many different ways and somehow people still know what we are talking about? So, what is scary? Is it exciting, or does it remind you of a character or is it just a word called scary?
What do you think the meaning is?

From Madie

What do you see when you read?

Hi guys how are you all?

When I read books I sometimes can see it happening or think about what could happen. As you read a picture story book that has pictures in it, what can you see happening, what comes to your mind? Does it take you to somewhere important to you and if so where and why?

Now have a look at these pictures and see where they take you. 

How Lucky am I

Hi everyone,

My Nan and Pop are so nice and have so many different skills and talents.

So lets start with my nan: My nan loves to play golf, cook and go on holidays.

But how do I know that? Well every time my nan cooks, people love it, even when she bakes scones (you can ask anyone because everyone loves my nan’s scones.) Golf is something that nan plays as a time out zone and to relax, because no one can find her there  with her friends and she also likes competition days where she sometimes gets medals. Holidays….. where do I start? My nan and pop are 0n a cruise ship for 4 months around the world. Sometimes they like to go to places a bit closer to home, like Queensland.

Pop loves to paint things green so that people know that it is his. He goes to work most days, when he is feeling up to it and and what can I say… I think that this might help sum it up,” LOLLY POP”. (because he give us lollies and sometime milk or juice.)

Energy in our lives

Today I’m going to let you know something that we started at the start of Term 2, that is the different types of energy that we have in our lives today.

We were set the task to have a look at all the different types of  household energy use and also to find out what some of the natural resources we have in Australia were.

When I started looking around I found some natural resources that I did not even know were natural resources in Australia.

Here is a Museum box for you to have a look at.

Click on the Museum Box to have a closer look. Then click on each box to see more.

Camp Kangaroobie

On the May 2 – 4 the year 6 students at my school went to camp Kangaroobie and it was great fun. I’m going to tell you a bit about it and  I hope that you have as much fun reading it as we had doing it.

On Day 1 of Camp Kangaroobie we had our first stop at the Colac Botanical Gardens. Then we got back on the bus for the next part of our drive to Camp Kangaroobie. In 2 1/2 hours we went from city life to the outback bush. When we got there we took our bags from the bus and went down the steps to a little courtyard where we met Matt and some of the Kangaroobie staff, who were waiting for us. Everyone could not wait to find out where we would be sleeping over the next 2 days, so for the next 5 to 10 minutes we had a chance to look around our cabins before Matt rang a bell for us to come out to the courtyard to eat our lunch and listen to some of the rules. Then we went to get ready to go to the beach for a bit of beach fun. Although it was freezing cold and some of us got bogged in the mud, that was not going to stop us from having fun at the beach. We  went a bit crazy but after an hour at the beach, we went back to camp on foot.

When we got back, most of us went to the fire in the dining room to warm up At around 6.00pm we had a bowl of spaghetti for dinner, then we had about half an hour to do whatever we wanted in the dining room, such as playing pin ball, sitting around the fire, or go back to our cabins, then we played ‘Minute to win it’ until supper and bedtime.

Day 2 was Activities Day and we did 4 activities that all went for about 1 1/2 hours, they were all different and fun in their own way, but for me I loved the mud activity where you get to roll, crawl, slide, and climb in the mud. This was so much fun and very muddy but that was one of the things that I loved about it the most. Because it had been raining the mud was even more slippery. There was also Man v’s Wild where you make a hut, then a fire and then you try and cook damper on the fire. After that there was also canoeing, where you paddle around and you also play games and one of them was piano keys. There is also the farm where you get to feed some of the animals. The activities were all good which made the day so much fun even if you were going blue because you were  wet and cold, or you had no energy left. We went back to camp at the end of the day and had a shower and got cleaned up for dinner. Then when we were warm and fed we watched a movie.

On Day 3 we were all happy to be going home to our warm beds but felt sad about leaving all the great fun of camp behind .We were up before breakfast packing our last minute things in our bags. Then we went for breakfast and had a gathering with the teachers and other year 6 kids and made some sandwiches for our lunch on the way home. At about 10 o’clock we packed the bus and began our journey home. We had a few stops along the way and one of them was for lunch at the Botanical Gardens in Colac. That was our very last stop before we headed back to school and finally home with a lot of dirty washing!

That was our year 6 camp, it was fun and we all had great time, and if you want to find out more about Kangarooobie you can go to

Camp 2012 on PhotoPeach

My Class Blog

Hi to all my readers how are you all? Sorry I have not been blogging  much but I have been working hard on a big one about my year 6 school camp.

In my class we all love to share our work with others, so we  have made a class blog and I would love it if you could come and have a look at it to see what we are up to.  So far there are things going on everyday because one of our teachers is in Bali. She writes what she is up to and then we write back about what we are doing.

Here is the link for you to go to: 56 HB Class blog

Bye for now Madie